Puppy Health & Conditions

At Picture Perfect Boxers, we try to give your new puppy a healthy start on life.  As a seller, we will provide you with proof of first shots, updated de-wormer, and the paperwork for registration.  All pups come with tails docked and dew claws removed. 

Some illnesses and occurrences affecting puppies can be environmental. 

Examples include injuries after leaving the breeder home, kennel cough, fleas, mites, coccidia, giardia, and other intestinal parasites such as worms.  Breeder will not be responsible for parvo, distemper, or corona as these are highly contagious and can be contracted immediately after leaving the breeder home. 

Contagious diseases can be air born, and even in discharges from the puppy eyes or through canine urine and feces.  Contaminated ground can potentially house illnesses for months after initial exposure and can easily be transmitted in casual walks, pet hotels, or drinking water that hasn't been treated, such as stale ponds and rain puddles.  Puppies can 'catch' illnesses from other dogs that haven't been vaccinated or cats and wild animals.    

Your puppy has received their 1st shots at 6 weeks of age.  This is a '5 in 1' or '5 way' combination shot to begin strengthening immunity to parvo and other common canine diseases.  Often called a 'booster' shot, this must be repeated at 9 and 12 weeks and then annually thereafter to keep your new pet in good health.  After receiving first shots, the puppy will have a foundational immunity but not a complete immunity; therefore we recommend to avoid puppy daycares and dog parks during this critical 'early' stage in their immune system.

We will not release any pups to their new homes early; sorry for any inconvenience but we want them to be feeding independently, fully weaned
and essentially self-sufficient. 

We have also kept a deworm schedule on your puppy at the 2, 4, and 6 weeks frequencies that needs maintained by the new family at 8, 10, and 12 weeks.  There are a variety of types of worms such as roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm, etc.  Many vets recommend treating every 6 months; although you may not be aware that any worms are present, follow vet advise and maintain a schedule. 

Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary bill incurred by purchaser.  The breeder makes no guarantees, express or implied, for environmental or circumstantial events negatively affecting the health of the puppy after release. 

All pups are released in good health without obvious adverse conditions at time of sale.
If at any time in the future you are not able to provide a good home or do not wish to have the pet any longer, please contact us - we may be an option!  Please do not transfer puppy ownership into an irresponsible or abusive home, nor release him/her into society without a permanent home.

We always appreciate updates & pictures on how the pups are doing; we care what happens to our puppies in the future!  Enjoy the new member of  your family!


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