AT PICTURE PERFECT  BOXERS we are striving to produce the very best Boxers to carry forth our lines out into the future.  Of utmost importance to us is the Boxer character and fine temperament that the breed is most noted for.  Health and soundness of Picture Perfect Boxers and any litters that Picture Perfect may produce are, without a question, a primary concern for us.  Correct conformational type that comes as close to the "breed standard" as possible is the final factor of the total equation without which there would be no true definition of the Boxer as a breed.


We undergo the "collaboration" of Picture Perfect Boxers with much study and consideration of the two dogs we will be responsible for bringing together.  The decision is always a difficult one as we strive to not only find a complimentary match between two individuals but we are always hoping that the complicated genetic factors will come together in such a manner as to yield progeny that is an improvement over the prior generation.  This is not as easy as it may sound.  We will consistently choose sires for our bitches that reflect the finest of all the Boxer breed qualities and characteristics as it is our aim to contribute, in a very positive way, to the betterment of the breed.


Picture Perfect Boxers will always consider a Picture Perfect puppy to be first and foremost a companion pet and if a puppy may indicate show potential or exhibit the propensity to be able to carry out the line then these activities should enrich the general well-being and contribute to the overall happiness of the dog and the Boxer breed.  The environment and situation into which one of our puppies venture into is a keen concern of ours and puppies are not placed in any haphazard manner.  To understand some of the issues that we at Picture Perfect Boxers discuss with prospective Boxer-Puppy owners, please refer to our Puppy Owner Questionnaire.  We want our dogs to be respected and LOVED.




     The overall health and well-being of the Boxer breed is of primary importance to Picture Perfect Boxers.  As with many other breeds, the Boxer is generally known to sometimes be afflicted with various conditions that may or may not be life threatening.  Some of these issues include cardio myophathy, hypothyroidism and to a lesser extent hip dysplasia.  Boxers are also known to sometimes suffer from certain cancers often, but not always, in their golden years.


     Although we cannot state a 100% guarantee against possible problems appearing in a puppy down the road, we are not knowingly breeding Boxers that have known health issues.  The longevity of the life of the Boxer is a keen consideration of Picture Perfect Boxers in our overall breeding program


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