Planning a visit to Picture Perfect Boxers......

We understand that if possible, most people would like to visit their puppy before making a final decision.  We happily allow visitors, as long as they meet the criteria, and follow the rules we have in place for the safety of our puppies and dogs.

1)Visits are by appointment only.  We try to be flexible with our appointment times.  We are usually available for most weekdays and evenings.  During the weekends, we try to schedule families on Friday between 9am-8pm,  Saturdays and Sundays between 10-3.

Please keep in mind that we live in Missouri, and we are on Central Standard Time. 

2)We do not allow people to visit who are not seriously interested in our currently available puppies.  We can not risk potential virus/illness exposure from people who are not actively looking, and we cannot cater to everyone that "just wants to look".  We're not a pet store, this is our home.  So, if you might want a puppy in 6 months or a year or even now, we ask that you look AT THAT TIME. 

3)We do not allow people to visit our puppies until they are AT LEAST 5 weeks of age.  At 5 weeks we can give the puppies their first "parvo only" vaccine, which does not fully protect the puppies, but it is better than nothing.

Also, there really isn't much to see before 5 weeks.  Before that time, the puppies are barely even walking.   They just kind of "lay there", and maybe wobble around a bit.
There is no personality to speak of at this time. Pretty disappointing if you drive a long distance to meet the puppies. 

**VERY IMPORTANT** PLEASE, FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF OUR PUPPIES, do not visit any other shelters, rescues, breeders, or pet stores that sell puppies, or dog parks for AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before coming to our home.  

No one wants or intends to spread a deadly puppy virus, but it is often people visiting multiple dog sites in search of the right dog or puppy that do this.  We have never had puppies THAT contracted PARVOVIRUS and we DON'T WANT IT ON OUR PROPERTY
.   Parvo is a deadly disease with a high mortality rate, and very expensive to treat.  We do our best to make sure that our puppies would never become exposed again. )or canine Influenza or kennel cough .Your dog may seem be healthy but can be a carrier so PLEASE leave your pet in the car NO EXCEPTIONS if you can not abide by these rules go somewhere else.

5)Please respect our time.  Between our animals and children, and work we do have a busy schedule.   We expect you to arrive at your appointed time!  If you are going to be later than your scheduled appointment, please call us, so that we know you are still coming.

Also, please call us before coming out, or if you changed your mind and are not coming out.  Particularly during nice weather, we get a lot of "no shows", and we don't like being trapped at home waiting for people that never arrive.  Times to visit puppies anytime after 2 PM in the afternoon


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