We strive for healthy Boxers with sound temperaments. By combining strength as well as elegance we hope to exemplify the Breed Standard. Breeders are the guardians of the breed they cherish. They ensure that it lives on for generations to come. If breeders are not protective, it will be destroyed and only a shadow of what we love will exist.


We recently welcomed our new puppy from Picture Perfect Boxers. She arrived at the airport in great condition. From our first contact with Billy the whole process ran seamlessly, He answered all our questions at anytime of the day or night . When we took our girl to the Vet for her check up our Vet commented that she was good looking besides being a healthy girl. He was happy to see she was a lean girl not that chubby puppy. Our Vet said the lean dogs are usually come from the health conscious breeders. I think Billy might be a little too straight forward for some people, but he speaks the truth and knows his breed. I would recommend him and Angie to anyone seeking a healthy socially adjusted boxer.  Dave Duff New Jersey


Billy & Angie,

        Both my Wife Carlee and I would like to thank you and your family for the friendly welcome to your kennel. We have been looking to purchase a Boxer Puppy with not very much success. Most establishments that we have spoken with would not let us visit the kennel or even meet the pups parents. We immediately noticed that breeding was not a business to both of you, instead a passion. We were very impressed with the clean air conditioned kennels and facilities, We also appreciated all the endless knowledge you both shared with us. We experienced viewing the most beautiful boxers that I have ever. Thank You for making the purchase of our Boxer a memorable experience. We have our healthy happy Baxter home with us and he has quickly become a part of our family. We love him dearly.             

I am writing to endorse Picture Perfect Boxers as superior breeders of champion bloodline boxers. We purchased our new boy, Int Ch. Picture Perfect’s Victory Lane from Billy and Angie.  The pedigree is top notched and stacked with AKC Champions, as all of Picture Perfect Boxers are.  I was impressed by their great love of the breed and the purity of the breeding lines.

We arrived at Billy’s and Angie’s residence on a Friday afternoon and the weather was not the best.  As you can imagine in late December, as it was raining outside.  That didn’t stop Billy from giving us a full tour of his facility and taking the time pointing out his champion boxers and up and coming boxer champions.  As we entered the facility, I couldn’t help but noticed that they were all very clean from top to bottom. The building was heated and the dogs were dry and very comfortable.  Billy took the time to describe his boys and girls and each one of their pedigrees.  I can tell you when someone has a five to seven generation pedigree memorized from top to bottom on their boxers.  They have a passion and love for their dogs. 

They are extremely knowledgeable about the breed and have been very helpful with any questions that we had. Billy went above and beyond to provide advice on raising healthy boxers.  Billy explained his procedure in caring for his boxers from the time they were born. They are truly breeding to improve the breed and to provide quality puppies to families. 

Their dogs are worth the price for the bloodlines and temperament, not to mention their intelligence and good looks. These are fabulous dogs, and quality breeders. 

Thank you Billy and Angie for allowing us to add Victor to our family! Feel Free to call us Thank You

Jeff & Bonnie Parsons
Parsons Boxers

When we visited Picture Perfect Boxers a little over a month ago we were greeted at our car by Wyatt definitely the best looking boxer I have ever seen, probably the best looking dog I have ever seen. We were there to pick up our new puppy Josephine. She is now 4 months old and is all puppy, full of energy and not sure how to get rid of it. Although Wyatt is not in her bloodline she is 100% boxer and looks every bit of it. We were able to meet both of her parents when we picked her up and they were both beautiful dogs. Everywhere we take her people go out of their way to come by and ask if they can pet her. She is very friendly and outgoing and we are enjoying having her as part of our family. Billy has been very helpful and always available to answer any of our questions when we have them. I am sure we will be calling him many more times throughout Josephine’s life. Picture Perfect Boxers is not a puppy mill so they do not always have puppies available, but if you are looking for a boxer and they don’t have any available at the time. I would suggest you wait until they do. You will be happy you did.

The Wright’s Buckner, MO   Kirk Wright" kwright@magnum-products.com

Billy and Angie,
fill free to post the following statement and on your testimonials page and/or Facebook. Thank you.

Sept 2016
Anyone who wants to add a Boxer to their family WILL NOT go wrong If you purchase a Boxer from Picture Perfect! This is our third Boxer; one we had for 14 years. So, when we made the decision to purchase another boxer, we were EXTREMELY selective in which breeders we would contact. Billy responded to my initial inquiry immediately and spoke with me for an hour. We drove five hours to Billy's to look at the puppies and the facility. He spent three hours answering all of our questions and educating us on Picture Perfect's philosophy.
My husband and I decided to purchase our Boxer, Atticus in July. Our experience has been WONDERFUL from the beginning! Billy is truly a man of his word when he says, he will always be available. This Friday, our lively and extremely active puppy, Atticus was VERY lethargic. It was 2am and we were going to take him to the emergency vet. My husband said, "text Billy". I sent the text, but I was thinking it is 2am and I would receive a response, but it would be around 8am. That was NOT the case, my phone rang at 2:03 and it was Billy!!!! He stayed on the phone with me for an hour and told me what to do, to make sure Atticus ate something since he had not eaten all day. He even texted at 4 am and called again at 8am!!!!!!! I literally was in tears and Billy made us feel so much better at a time when we were not sure what to do!! I have said it before, but I have to say, "Thank you Billy!"
If you ever want to speak with someone regarding their experience experience with Picture Perfect, please feel free to contact us, Billy has our contact information.
Nicole Dixon-Daniels and Craig Daniels

September 11, 2016
"We had a very pleasant experience with Billy and Picture Perfect Boxers. Billy responded quickly to our emails and calls and acted in a professional manner. Our boxer is beautiful and we love him. Sincerely, Ellen Weingold""Ellen"

July 27, 2016
I am very happy on my decision on getting a boxer from Picture Perfect Boxers.  I got a little flashy fawn male and he is the most beautiful, happy and healthy puppy that I could ever ask for.  Billy is very knowledgeable on the breed and has helped me out tremendously on my puppy questions.  Overall its been a wonderful experience doing business with picture Perfect Boxers
  I would not hesitate to send anybody I know to Billy to get a boxer Thank You
"Nick Garza"


Amanda Nuzzolilo Gazos reviewed Picture Perfect Boxers5 star

We just got our Picture Perfect Boxer Cena yesterday. Our family is complete! We are so in love with her! Angie and Billy have been absolutely amazing through this whole process. Each and every call, text or email was answered immediately! I would highly recommend them if you are looking to expand your family via a fur baby! Thank you Billy and Angie for being honest, loving, amazing breeders!

May 28, 2016

Thank you so much Billy for being so upfront and helpful in our family's first puppy purchase. You answered every question and provided all the information we needed to pick the right puppy for our family. Hank (now called Rocky) has been an awesome addition. He is everything you said he would be Billy! He is very smart, playful and is growing strong and healthy. Billy, you made this very important decision and process an enjoyable one. Thank you for not only your commitment to raising a great dog but also your commitment to the Boxer breed. It shows in our wonderful Rocky. I've already recommended you to others seeking a quality Boxer dog. I wish you much success in the future. 

Jason Hamed    drjasonhamed@gmail.com

Donna Deschambault    
To Billy, Angie, and all other boxer lovers, May 18, 2016

 I have to admit that I am generally not an individual to write a review for products or services, however, in this circumstance it is overwhelming important that I do so!  When our family of 6 decided it was time to add another member we immediately knew we were going to look for another Boxer.  We have an older female that has been the best farm dog.  My hesitation was that I wasn’t sure any puppy could match the traits we found so valuable in her.  I began researching online, breeders, referrals, and also show records.  Some one might be curious as to why a show record would be of any value for a family who was looking to purchase a dog for a pet only purpose.  In my experience with horses, I have found that those who are actively showing their stock take great pride in not only the confirmation (which decreases health risks), temperament, but importantly the socialization of their stock.  For approximately 6 months I scoured dozens of ads for Boxer puppies, I inquired on some, but never felt confident that it was the right one.  Upon seeing the ad for “Diesel” I immediately began the process of puppy purchase through Picture Perfect’s website.  I was impressed with the thoroughness of their application to even be considered to purchase one of their dogs.  It was evident that they took the extra time to secure suitable homes that would provide lifelong homes for their dogs.  When Billy contacted me and we discussed the purchase of Diesel I immediately knew this was the perfect dog for our family.  It is very rare in this day and age that you find someone that is honest, trust worthy, and accurately represents what they are selling.  He spent a great deal of time discussing with me my concerns for adding to our family, my desired traits for the dog we were looking for, and in detail could give me history on the dog’s pedigree.  We finished our conversation and I felt absolutely confident that were were buying the BEST Boxer possible.  We were not disappointed, upon picking up the dog his personality was laid back, playful, intelligent, and loyal.  In 2 short weeks, he has traveled through 4 states, multiple horse shows, and not once have I felt we made a bad decision in purchasing him.  I have had more compliments on this puppy than I can put in a review!!! I would strongly encourage ANYONE who is looking for a dog of quality traits, a proven genetic history, and lifelong companion to only purchase from Picture Perfect! I will only be returning to Picture Perfect for any future Boxer purchases as I know I will be working with Billy whom has proven his integrity and passion towards the breeding of Boxers!  Thank you for a wonderful family member, Diesel is more than we could have dreamt for!!

With great appreciation,
Ann Boehning & Family

"Ann Boehning" saboehning@tds.net

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"We were fortunate to stumble upon our male boxer Banks when he was 8 weeks old. It was a spur of the moment decision but we had always wanted a boxer. Banks turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. When the time was right to add a second I spent countless hours researching breeders throughout the Midwest. Picture Perfect boxers had the most thorough website, along with the best looking Boxers I had seen. Once a puppy showed up on the nursery page that we were interested in we contacted Billy for info. His quick response and knowledge of the boxers was second to none. We decided to place a deposit until we could pick up our new addition in person. Upon arrival to Picture Perfect boxers we were welcomed into the house. Two litters of puppies were housed inside in two separate large crates. They were all gorgeous and appeared in great shape. Billy gave me a tour of the outside kennels (It was 5 degrees out) and showed me all of his national and international champion boxers. I was happy to see that all of the champion boxers that were listed on the PicturePerfect website were all there. The outdoor living conditions were quite nice with heated dog houses for each. We picked up Memphis AKA "Ember" and she was every bit as gorgeous in person as was her pictures online. Billy and Angie went through all of the specific details with us, including all her shots and vaccination records. We packed Memphis in the car and headed home. Memphis was taken to our local Vet the next day where she received a grade A+. The Vet even asked us where we got her cause he was so impressed with her physical health and overall appearance. Banks and Memphis are best friends already and we could not be happier. Thanks again to PicturePerfect Boxers for our new family member!!"

Oct 2014

We are pleased to recommend Picture Perfect Boxers as a breeder and boxer specialist. My wife and did our research and talked to a lot of breeders before we found Picture Perfect Boxers. We were very excited when we saw how beautiful their dogs were and the credibility they held throughout the pedigree. Billy and Angie were very professional while showing their true love for the breed. They offered a wealth of knowledge and prepared us for our new puppy. The moment we set eyes on our new little flashy fawn Lacey, it was obvious that she had been very well cared for. She was healthy and extremely happy. Being able to meet and interact with Lacey’s parents, Kenzie and Wyatt, was definitely a plus as it allowed us to see the personalities and physical characteristics she will carry. It was also nice to see how well sheinteracted with Billy and Angie’s daughter. When we got home, Lacey immediately became best friends with our brindle boxer, Gypsy. Lacey gets along with all of our family pets and does great with the kids in our family. We hope others can have the great experience we were able to have. Thank you once again Billy and Angie. Shown is Sam, Jamie Maxwell and
 Lacy's is the Flashy Fawn Female.Owner of Blue Chip Boxers.


October 08, 2014

             I recently purchased a puppy from Billy.  I did my research before I bought my boxer and Picture Perfect Boxers appeared to be the best around.  During my research I stumbled across this website.  I almost changed my decision based off the information posted.  Luckily I didn't pay attention to this website and trusted my instincts.  Billy has been the best breeder I could have ever hoped for.  He has put me in touch with local breeders to help me start showing my new puppy.  He helped me find a local vet to crop his ears.  He promptly sent us the akc paperwork and all of his vet records.  Billy has been there for me all the way and I am confident he will be around in the future if I have any questions I need answered.  I am not sure who posted these posts or what their motives were, but there is no way they are referring to the same breeder I dealt with.  I am glad we adopted Grant, aka Maximus.  He is a gorgeous, healthy, well taken care of puppy.  Billy even managed to potty train him at 8 weeks of age. If you have any questions  feel free to contact me.  Billy has my number.

Absolutely one of the best transactions I have ever made for any puppy purchase.Billy  was extremely knowledgeable about the breed. He also supplied a wealth of published information from AKC on new puppies.  Also included were detailed health records for the puppy. Their website, information and pictures were helpful in picking out the perfect pet for our family. Billy went out of his way to make sure we got the right puppy to fit our family . He personally explained all the nuances of the puppy we had picked out. After getting the puppy home, He nailed the description. This shows the personal attention He and Angie  pay's to each puppy. I have bred Boxers in the past and know how each puppy can be different. You would have to spend individual time with each puppy to know this. If ever a need comes up in the future for a puppy, I know who to contact!I called their vet he too was very helpful  telling how well they take care of their boxers adults and puppies Picture Perfect Boxers is the place to get your next best friend.

Howard Bowman Oct 06th 2014

Somewhere Over The Rainbow At RoseCreek AKA IVY Lives with our good friend and follow boxer breeder Joanne Hoover at Rose Creek Boxers

July 1 2014

Picture Perfect Boxers really stands behind their name. They are high quality boxer breeders.  After months of internet searching and talking with numerous breeders, we were confident that Picture Perfect was the right breeder for us.  We showed up to get our little baby and he was so much more than we could imagine. Billy and his wife gave us all kinds of helpful information and answered all of our questions. Reno has the best personality and gives us so much joy. He is so lovable, smart, and of course our comedic relief! Reno has the perfect temperament of a boxer and the heart of an angel.  We are very thankful that Picture Perfect Boxers raised him in a great home with lots of socialization and love. We are so blessed to have this little guy in our home.


Thank you so much for giving us the greatest gift ever.

Jenny Scroggins


Billy & Angie,

We want to thank you for such a good experience. We have renamed our puppy Foxy to Kimber. As of today we have had Kimber in our home in Texas for one week. She is doing great. When we picked her up you guys told us that she was very socialized and I would have to agree with that for sure. She is fitting in great with our other two dogs. We love her so much already… and are anxious to watch her grow into a beautiful dog like her parents. You and Angie were a great help and answered the many questions that we had. I would definitely recommend Picture Perfect Boxers to anyone looking to add a boxer puppy to their family. Your dogs are very well taken care of and you guys are so easy to work with.

Thanks again!

Tony & Braley Griffith

Recently purchased puppy (Margo)

We could not be more pleased with the beautiful boxer
baby we bought from Picture Perfect Boxers! She was exactly
what we were told she was, and maybe a little more. Our girl
looks to have the stance of a champion like her daddy
(Wyatt), and she has a heart of gold. We can tell she has
been well taken care of and has been around kids and loves
people! If you have questions about boxers, they can answer
them. Billy and his family was helpful with everything from
how to get to where we picked up the puppy to finding a good
place to eat in the area. If you are looking for a quality
puppy, you are in a good place!  Ben 

 Recently purchased puppy (Dyna)

All, My wife and I drove to Picture Perfect Boxers on January 24th to pick up our puppy. We spent a few hours with Billy and Angie that evening. The two answered all of our questions and showed us their dogs and facilities. We came back the following morning to pick up Dyna. They had all documnts and Dyna was up to speed with vet. We have had Dyna at home for two days. All is well she is active, well adjusted and sleeps through the night in her crate. I hope to breed her with my boxer down the road. I expect to achieve excellent results.

 kevin, January 27, 2014     


August 23, 2013
Hello Angie and Billy,
Thank you so much for the very nice little girl we received out of Wyatt and Kiera’s litter of June 12.2013. As you know we picked up our girl on August 12th and she has been a great addition to our family. She has settled in nicely and the Vet gave her an A-OK on her health check up.  She is now 10 weeks old and so much fun to be around. She is so happy to be around all people. Her little short tail almost vibrates the house because it wiggles so fast. She has found a best friend in our 9 Year old Standard Schnauzer and is giving him a great work out everyday. We think he really likes her and their play time. Thanks for being patient and taking so much time with us during our visit when we picked her up.
Billy and Angie are very knowledgeable about the boxers and answered all questions. Also thanks for the prompt return call later when we had a question. Anyone thinking of owning a boxer should give serious consideration to Picture Perfect Boxers. We were able to meet the parents of Jada (our boxer puppy) and other adult Boxers he had at his home. They were all very nice with a lot of excellent bloodlines. They are exactly my image of the typical nice show and working boxer breed. Jada is super nice and when I look at her parents and Grand parents I can see that she has many of their traits. There are many very nice show and working dogs in Jada’s pedigree.  Thank you again for this very nice little girl.  Jade Pictured Below.
Ken and Kathy Gilchrist

Julie Crampton
To: Billy
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2013 7:36 PM
Subject: RE: Boxer girls

Hi Billy,
Wanted to give you an update. Vet check came out very well. He recommended getting her started on heartworm medication before she is six months old.
I am very appreciative of what you do with your dogs. I was very skeptical because of the treatment I received from another breeder, but that skeptiscm has been replaced with a high level of respect for you, your high ethical standards, and your breeding program. Our little girl is very special already. Her tail never stops wagging, she is so happy. She gets along very well with our other Boxer and our grandson thinks she is wonderful.
Thank you, Billy, and as I said before I really appreciate what you are all about.

From: Julie Crampton
To: Billy
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 6:59 PM
Subject: RE: Boxer girls

Hi Billy,
Thank you so much for talking with me today. I talked to Dr. McNeil, Lisa, and Juan. They all spoke so highly of you and your dogs; it gave me my faith back that there are good, honest, ethical people.
Yes, I definitely want to meet with you and your puppies. When would they be ready to go to a new home? I saw the picture of the fawn male puppy, the last one in the litter section; could I make a choice between the two girls and him?
Thank you,


Picture Perfect Boxers Delivers!

I spent hours talking to Billy about his boxers. It’s evident that he is extensively knowledgeable and cares for the dogs in a way that sets him apart from other breeders. His breeding, and who he’ll sell to is highly selective. All of the dogs are show quality with a pedigree. More importantly he doesn’t breed constantly. It’s about quality not quantity. Tyson is a very well-adjusted pup. Billy has small children; our pup arrived ready for playtime with my youngsters. Every way that Billy described his personality and physique was accurate, he arrived healthy. I spoke to several references at length before committing. A new owner had just picked up his dog in person and meet Billy to view his kennel. The report I got back was - a breeder doing it for love of the animals and purity of the breed. They were so well cared for, happy, and healthy. Billy and his family play and love on these dogs continually and it shows What a dog. I can highly recommend Picture Perfect Boxers.Hans C. Kahlert and family Palm Beach Florida


Thank You very much Billy and Angie for our new addition "Bear". The whole process from start to finish was a great experience! Billy was always there to answer my questions day or night. His expert advice has really helped me out a lot and I hope I have found a mentor through the show process. Bear is a great pup from the time we picked him up from the airport. He loved my children and myself and hasn't stopped giving kisses. He has so much energy and love. Thank you again for a wonderful puppy. I would recommend Picture perfect boxers any day. Angelica in Griffith, IN 



Picture Perfect is Top Notch!!

After looking online, with breeders and at shows, we found the BEST pup available. We were looking for temperament, conformation, bloodline and overall workability. We found it with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas' line. We met the parents of our pup and loved Chris Uno. Turbo is amazing!! Everything about him screams CHAMPION!!! Get on the waiting list for one of these outstanding companions. Our vet says "Magnum" is perfect and he is!! Watch for him in the show ring in the Spring!!!  Loves with .Tom and  Debra Magnum is back home at Picture Perfect Boxers We didn't have the time to show him or the females he needs to produce the best quality puppies Thank You Angie and Billy for taken him back.

Hi Billy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful boxers I have gotten from you in this last year. I could not be more pleased with how they are both turning out. Sasha is a beauty! It really stinks that the vet messed up her ears! I can’t believe she is only 3 months away from being 1 year old!!  Who would have thought I would be driving back down again 5 month later to get our little boy! I was too pleased and had to get our boy from you too. J Which I want to say thanks for! Thank you for taking the time in showing me your dogs and taking such good care of them. You were great with being able to answer all my questions. I appreciate all the continued support and your knowledge you give. It is great to have a breeder that truly stands by their dogs and are there for you for the life of the dog not just for the sale! There are a lot of breeders that don’t care about their dogs and I know you are not one of them just seeing how much you love them and take such good care for them! Both of my babies from you have been healthy as can be! I am grateful that you have given me the opportunity to provide a wonderful home for 2 of your babies! If you ever need a reference feel free to send them my way.  I would love to let them know what a great experience it has been getting my Sweet Boxers from you!!!

Thanks’ Again!



Picture Perfect"s Bring Sexy Back A.K.A Sasha Patty Sexton  June 12/2012 
Your Puppies are raised under very clean conditions and are very happy healthy and Socialized

Don't be taken in my this person false  nature . She is a puppy mill  and will tell you she will show your dog and won't BOXER BREEDERS BEWARE OF PATTY"S BOXERS

Patty's Picture Perfects Turbo's Mr. Here We Go Again AKA Winston

Billy at pictureperfectboxers.com is great to deal with, his boxers are well tempered and great looking. Billy is always there if I have a question or need help with my puppy. Thanks Billy.

MICHAEL C. WEISS (Philadelphia, PA)



Our dog has been re-named  “ANNIE” and after owning a lifetime of dogs, from Schnauzers to Pit Bulls, she is by far the smartest and most perfect. Frankly, dogs; no matter their breed, end up no better than their owners as you have found out from a few of the comments made by owners who might have been dissatisfied. I am blessed with a wife who has taken the time and put in the effort that every puppy needs when being integrated into a new household.  She quickly learned the standard “sit”, “down”, “come” “stay” and just for kicks, “paw”.  We could not have asked for a more wonderful dog!  We will forward a new picture.

Dr. G

Henry M. "Hank" Goldberg, M.D.



    ·  08/15/11

      Hi Angie & Billy,
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the awesome job you did with our Bodie (formerly Booker.)  I spend hours on the telephone grilling Billy about his breeding practices; bloodline and how he raised his puppies.  His love of the breed was clear from the get go and he delivers what he advertises.  Bodie probably has more frequent flyer miles than most puppies his age, and I have to tell you, he arrived in picture perfect condition!!  My first encounter with him was having him leap out of his airline carrier into my arms, he was full of energy after traveling thousands of miles to get to his new home in Reno, NV.  I credit his safe delivery to us to Angie and Billy. I know they check on him continuously during his 2 days of travel. The Vet confirmed that Bodie is a healthy, well adjusted puppy, and in her judgement an excellent representation of the Boxer breed.We have 2 other Boxers, Sierra age 9 & Tahoe age 5; Bodie was able to figure out the pack order and has fit right in from day one. I was extremely impressed with how socialized Bodie is with people and children. He is smart as a whip and eager to please. I have trained service dogs in the past, Bodie has the temperment required to be a Certified Theapy Dog; and I see this in his future. Again, thank you for this awesome addition to our family, I know you will be the first person we contact when we are looking for another Boxer.  We will keep you posted as he grows. 

Valorie & Michael Roberts

  • 08/01/2011      
My experience with Picture Perfect Boxers was a very good one.  My boy "Benny" is everything good in a puppy.  He is active, curious, loving, friendly, and eager to learn and please.  After bringing him home I took him to the vet where he received a clean bill of health. His heart sounded good and the vet was very impressed with the shot history and medical care and attention he had received over the first 12 weeks of life. Billy answered all my questions honestly about boxers, the parents, and the puppies. He allowed me to take as much time as I wanted to evaluate each puppy individually.  Also mom was there on site for me to meet. Billy did not try to sell me a puppy, but instead, assisted me in finding a puppy that was best suited to match my families needs.  I would recommend Picture Perfect Boxers.

Charlie Cuthill

·  08/03/2010

Thank You Billy and Angie for our gorgeous new pet. She is a beauty and was welcomed home with several visitors to greet her. She is still sitting at my feet waiting to go to bed. It was great dealing with you both. Thanks for all the information. So very helpful. I will keep you updated with pics as she grows!!! I change her name from Fat Girl to Little Miss Kacee Clover. sire Thomas's Wish N Well's Picture Perfect Dam Little Miss Clover one of our American Breed Girls Sold to Mistie's Boxer Barn ,StrightlineBoxers Southern Illinois. 

I will never sell to this  breeder again strightlineboxers MISTYS BOXER BARN  bred this girl before a year old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS GIRL IS ALL AMERICAN NO EURO ON HER BLOODLINES AS THE OWNER STATES ON HER WEB SITE

Mistie Urdaneta

  • 01/07/2011

    Hi Billy & Angie:)
    I've been trying to get some better 'monster-puppy' shots that really show off that dignified beauty of the Boxer...because Arthur is the most amazing companion that I've ever had!!! Hope you, your kids & your doggies are all doing so well:)
    Hope y'all will consider this pic 'website worthy' cuz I think my pup's one of the most awesome guys that y'all have ever produced!

    Thanks so much,
    Katie & Arthur:) 
          Katie Demere

11/12/210 Picture Perfect's Back N Black AKA Lincoln Sold to Betty. Of Riverhillsboxers.

Billy and Angie are great to deal with ,Lincoln was all Billy said he was more people needs to as honest as Billy and Angie and I know what I am talking about I have dealt with many boxer breeders none as honest as Picture Perfect Boxers, Lincoln has proven him self more ways than one we are proud to have him at River Hills Boxers Thank You Billy and Angie for such a fine boy.


She is a gem!!  She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle (as you can see from the photo), loves to lay with me on the couch at night watching TV.  She is so fun to be with, has soo much personality.  Loves to play outside with the other dog and us.   And on top of all that she is becoming quite a watch dog.  She looks so tough when she hears something outside.  I need to get a photo when she puts on her show. She is going through "the chew everything in site right now".  She has destuffed all her toys.  We are working on that.  :)

 I did not have the heart to cut her ears. 

Wanda Rodden



OWNER(S): Emily  Meier Bonne Terre MO BREEDER(S): Angie Brooks SIRE: AKC CH Donje's Lucky Charm of Bluemoon DAM:Donje's Charmed One @ Brookside

IABCA  Champion Donje's Lucky Prince Of Brookside akc show pointed 06/20/2010 to 06/25/2010 Billy has been great to deal with ever boxer I own I got from him ,he has great knowledge of the breed and the show world ,I tried for 2 years to get Prince's certificate for his IABCA Champion ship Certificate After Prince becaome an IABCA Champion,  and Billy got it for me in less than 2 weeks after I told him how much trouble I was having to get it Thank You very much Billy.



We could not have asked for a better experience with a breeder! Our little girl that we picked is very well socialized, very loving, smart and beautiful. Billy's patience with all of my questions leading up to our decision to purchase from him, and then the questions that came anticipating her arrival, and still having the patience to answer my questions after she became our little girl, shows not just what a wonderful breeder he is, but also what kind of man he is. The knowledge and intelligence he has passed on to me and my husband has been well worth the price and more. I only hope you get the pleasure of owning one of his boxers, in our case 3...or should I say I hope you get the pleasure of being owned by one his boxers ;)

Collen Franks


Dealing with you guys was a breeze. Very kind, compassionate and caring about your "4 legged children". I knew they had the perfect boxer for me as soon as I laid eyes on my Penny. They kept me informed, on our little girls progress. I found Billy and Angie to be very knowledgeable, helpful and informative in every step of my process in purchasing our puppy. I will not hesitate to do business with Picture Perfect Boxers in the future and I have every confidence that they will be there for me. We just fell in love with all there friendly dogs. Thanks for everything.

Leanne Andrews

·       05/12/2010

I bought a Flashy fawn male pup from Billy and Angie. He's got this beautiful shiny coat deep dark mahogany red absolutely gorgeous! He has been the best dog I've ever owned. I hope to do business with Billy and Angie again in the future their dogs are of excellent quality and temperament. Keep up the great work you two! Nero will be 2yrs old in December and I wouldn't trade him for a million dollars!!!!!!

Tina Ramsey

·      02/23/2010

A couple months ago I bought a brindle puppy from Billy and she has been the greatest dog ever! Billy really knows how to handle and treat his dogs, and breeds them to perfection. He is great with going over the grounds rules of what needs to be done once you take the puppy home, as well as anything we need to know about the breed. I love how he likes to keep updates on the dogs that he sells, I still send him pictures of my Isabelle, and let him know how she is growing up to be just like her parents. Billy really knows his dogs well, I would recommend anybody who wants a boxer or English bulldog to use Billy. Not only do you get dogs, but you have the knowledge and know how to take care of the certain breed. Thanks Billy for giving me the best dog ever, I will soon be able to get another boxer puppy from you again.

Kelly Hanser


·      10/06/2009

Hey I wanna Thank you guys....We named our boxer baby Jazz. She is so adorable and playful. She continues to light my heart up with every passing day. Thanks for being patient and answering all my questions, She is doing great. I'll keep in touch.

Rachel Freeman

·     08/22/2009

My angels Patsy and Cline are doing great, they are growing like weeds, I get compliments on them all the time. Ranging from how beautiful, well manered, and smart they are. My testimonial to you would say: He's taken tons of time to help educate me on Boxers and answers my every question. Never had a breeder who would take that kind of time before. I was also really impressed with the condition of his dogs (they look awesome), and his thoroughness in health testing his dogs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to ANYONE who is looking for a high quality Boxer. I'll be buying all my Boxers from Billy and Angie in the future.

Kelly Anderson




Ah, where to start really? With in the past 7 months i have bought 3 dogs from Billy and Angie. I could not be happier with my babies. Lucy was bought in Nov. and my grandparents love her so much that today they went and bought one of their own (Lilly). I also bought Osha aka Grandma from them as well and let me tell you that she is a wonderful joy in my life. I have learned that most breeders will feed you a bunch of talk and charge a price that is insane. Not Billy and Angie. They are true down to earth people and my grandparents and I truly feel part of the family. They have never been rude or unfriendly. They are always there to help and answer questions. Most of all they show the up most love and respect for their animals, Bulldogs and Boxers both. I can honestly say that i will never buy another bulldog or breed any of mine with someone else other theirs. The temperament of their animals can not be found any where else. You guys have done a great job and i just want to take this moment to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart, both me and my grandparents both appreciate everything you guys have done for us.

Sky Mcgee


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