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***Our goals***
Do our best to show and produce exceptional quality Champion American and European bloodline Boxers that exceed in the conformation ring that have great temperaments and sound health.

The best advice that I can possibly give to the new comers in the breed, don�t be so quick to purchase. First, educate yourselves, read about the breed and the standard of the breed. Research everything you can about the breed, the best pedigrees to work with, breeders, handlers, and everything you can about the show world. Go to those breeders that you are interested in working with and observe. Go to shows and observe. Talk with the best veteran breeders and professional handlers in the breed and ask them for a non-bias opinion about pedigrees and breeders that would be good for the new comer to work with. Speak with those who were once major contributors in the breed but whom if since retired. Choose a �type� of boxer you like best or prefer. Yes, the standard is standard but �type� can vary slightly. Choose a �type� that judges believe exemplifies the definition of the standard today, not that of 50 years ago. Find the very best veteran mentor you can find in the breed that best fits your needs, personality and work with them. Be patient, times can get tough. You will get discouraged from time to time.

After doing your homework, consider starting with the very best bitch that you can find. Kennel blindness is the rude of all evils to the novice or the new comer. Every puppy in the litter seems to be the perfect one. Puppies are �cute� but not every puppy is a great puppy by standard. Be color blind. Choose based on quality, not whether it is a fawn or brindle. Markings must be complimenting. If it�s a classic (plain) bitch and she is an exceptional bitch, choose her for your foundation. If it is a nice flashy bitch, then choose her for your foundation. The most important thing for the beginner to remember is choose the very best bitch you can find and choose her by being objective.

If you have been told that you should get into breeding & showing boxers as a source of income, STOP NOW!!! Breeding and showing is very expensive and requires a tremendous amount of time and responsibility from everyone in the household that are involved. A litter of puppies will only cover a portion of the expense that you will incur in your breeding program while at the same time paying for your dogs to be shown and finished.

It is important to be very patient, especially during the beginning years. You will be faced with and suffer some heart breaking circumstances along the way that may cost you a small fortune. Sometimes, you may be forced to cut your losses and move on to working with someone that better meets your desired goals.

Be honest and ethical and demand the same up front before choosing to work with someone. Disagreements will most likely come for the new comer. Try to work out any disagreements with whomever you are working with. If things can�t be worked out, MOVE ON calmly and silently!!! New comers should beware of contracts and co-ownerships that may leave you at a huge disadvantage and tie your hands in what you can and cannot do. I would suggest to the new comer to purchase outright during the beginning years unless you really know what you are getting into with a co-ownership. Co-ownerships are good but be careful. I started out with co-ownerships and times can get tough. Things do not always go the way that you want them to go in the time frame you would like them to go. Just remember, animals are like humans, they have problems along the way and we MUST be patient. Disagreements will come about. However, no matter what the disagreements are, there is nothing that cannot be worked out with a positive end result. The beginner can get in over their head really fast. Beginners, beware of paying an outrageous price for a puppy, especially on co-ownership. Make sure that co-ownerships share an equal financial responsibility among the owner(s) and co-owner(s). If it is a really excellent puppy or adult dog or bitch that is being offered to you on an outright purchase agreement or on a co-ownership, the value or cost involved may vary tremendously. Just keep in mind that most 8 week old puppies sold as �show potential� are just that, they show certain qualities that may prove to be show potential as they grow. �Show potential� puppies should be sold at a reasonable price. You should know if your �show potential� puppy has the quality to be a show contender by 4 to 6 months. Fair is fair and Right is Right! Just be careful in making your purchase. Things must work equally and must be fair for all involved.

If you do things totally ethically, you will make arrangements to either refund or replace puppies that do not work out for health reasons which is usually discussed in a purchase agreement or sales contract. If you take on the responsibility of breeding and bringing litters into the world, you must stand behind each puppy for the time discussed in a purchase agreement or sales contract. Some will have health problems and other issues from time to time. Sometimes you may choose to work with people that seem to be great individuals to work with, yet, disappoint you beyond belief. Work out the issues or MOVE ON! Whatever the issue, you have a responsibility as the breeder of the puppy to serve the dog with his/her best interest in mind.

Boxers are a wonderful breed to be a part of. They will be part of your immediate family. Boxers are a loving, loyal, and protective breed. They are wonderful around children. Some are only pet quality and need a loving home. Many show dogs will finish and become champions but there are only a few select that will stand among the �great�.

I hope that if you choose to become a boxer owner, you are willing and fully committed for the demand and responsibility of being a boxer owner. If you are hesitant or do not think that you are up for the challenge, please choose a different path to follow. Boxers are a loving breed but require a lifetime commitment.


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