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Over the years I have found that the sale of our puppies is not just a transaction, but the beginning of a new friendship. We offer lifetime support. We Hope that all of our puppy owners stay in contact. I hope that you enjoy the website. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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"The breeding of purebred dogs is both an art and a science, thus the true breeder is a very artistic genetic engineer. The breeder plans a breeding program in much the same way an architect plans a building or a bridge… Breeders must struggle to produce the picture of perfection for their breed." Patricia Craige Trotter , Born To Win, Breed To Succeed Perfect Puppies....Welcome to the world.

With much research I have come up with, what I feel, are boxers that are as special as I say they are! Some of the most influential boxers in the breed are represented in my program. We only bred the best female to the best male . We try to place our boxers with reputable owners. Our boxers are bred to assure healthy, happy puppies that will give your family years of enjoyment. Unfortunately, it is possible that two health tested parents can produce a puppy with a health issue. Boxers do not have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, no matter how many tests we do. What we can do is hope that the life they do have is a healthy, happy life. Once you experience what Picture Perfect Boxers Boxers has to offer, you'll recommend our boxers to your friends and families!

At Picture Perfect Boxers, placing one of our Boxers in a new home is a careful, thought-out process. We put great effort in our attempt to match each Boxer with the right family and home environment necessary to achieve a lifetime relationship between human and dog. Bringing one of our Boxers into your home involves your approval and acceptance of the individual boxer, and our approval of your family and home environment! Our Goal is to provide you with a loving and healthy forever member to your family. We breed to improve the quality of the breed and for our love of this amazing breed. Our boxers have been health tested and cleared of any genetic defects. We do have Pet Only Pricing along with Non Pet Only Pricing. Boxers sold on a Pet Only contract will also have a Spay/Neuter Contract and be sold with Limited AKC registration. If you do not want to have your boxer spayed or neutered that will obviously fall in the Non Pet Only Pricing. We want the very best for our boxers, and do not want them going to puppy mill situations or to be a yard dog as boxers are not a tie-out outside type of dog, we also do not want our dogs ending up in the dog fighting ring or in pet stores. We want them in loving family homes.
For this reason Picture Perfect Boxers reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime for any reason.

All puppies on this page are available for adoption and will come to a loving home with AKC registration -Limited or Full
Please contact us for pricing on our puppies. We only will be offering 100% full European, 100% American, or European cross boxer puppies which is a cross between an American Bred Boxer and a European Boxer. Sire and Dam on sight.

Picture Perfect Boxers strives to produce high quality dogs with amazing lineage, temperaments and structure. Training is started at a young age with ENS training (Early Neurological Stimulation training). You can read more about it in the link below.


We ask that all potential homes fill out a "puppy application" on our contract page. Serious inquires only please!

We only ship to people we trust . If we don't get to meet you in person you will get to know me on the phone

Our puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks old! You are welcome to pick up your puppy here (preferred method).

Cash or Pay Pal Accepted
All produced puppies will come with AKC Limited Registration (unless otherwise agreed upon), tails docked/ dewclaws removed, micro chipping is an extra 35.00, they are current on all vaccinations and on a De-worming schedule. They will be started on house training at 5 weeks old.
If you chose a puppy make sure he/she is a fit for your home. Puppies should not be an impulse buy. No refunds will be given. Pricing on all puppies will be: (on spay/neuter contract). Please contact me if you are interested in a show or working potential puppy. If you chose to show or breed, it's a big commitment and the price is a bit higher. Puppy Mills and And Pet shops look else were.

Deposits can be placed once the puppies are 24 hours old. Buyers will get to choose their puppy according to deposits placed. If you are last on the waiting list currently and you put your deposit in first, therefore you are first on list to choose your puppy after we have chosen our potential puppy if applicable at 7 weeks old. Puppies will be assessed 4 weeks of age for show homes are pet homes to see which Boxer Babies will be show potential. We want the best homes for our boxer babies and any person If we see you unfit to own one of our dogs, I have the right to refuse business. Due to the rising costs we have to raised our shipping cost to 450.00. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. ​All Deposits are non-refundable, if you decide your not ready for your boxer your deposit will be transferred to a future litter.

There is a non-refundable $500.00 deposit required to hold the puppy of your choice until he or she is old enough to go home. Puppies will be sold according to order of deposits received, assuming applicant is chosen (based on breeder discretion). Please contact us regarding the puppy you are interested in prior to placing a deposit. It is important to please go to our contracts page and read all terms and conditions. If the puppy is shipped to you this constitutes signature and acceptance of our contract on all terms.

Please note: We do use PayPal, but you as the buyer are responsible for paying the 3% PayPal fee, this is automatically added onto the transaction.

Please indicate the gender and/or litter of the puppy you are making a deposit on. Your puppy must be paid in full by the time he/she is 7 weeks of age. Please note: any puppies we have received deposits on that remain here not pick up or shipped by the time they are 9 weeks of age we will charge 50.00 a week boarding fee until the puppy is 12 weeks of age. At that point we will consider the puppy Abandoned and will be put back up as available and your deposit or price of the puppy will go to the next litter and will be held for one year .

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*We have spent a lot of money and a life time building up our breeding program .If you are looking for a cheap puppy go else were and don't waste my time. We only give discounts if you have bought a puppy from us before. We look at it like this if you can not pay the full price of the puppy you can not take proper care of the puppy. Pay pal fees 3 % percent, shipping is 450.00. See a puppy you like we will do a video of the puppy for you*


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