When Contacting us about a Puppy, Please Include a Phone Number and We mean a Phone number if you put a Phone number 111-111-1111  your E-mail NOT being answered.

Want to know More about Our Puppies
The puppies born here are born in the house, in the whelping box located in our front room. They are not born out in a kennel, as some are. Since they are located in such a busy section of the house, they are exposed from day one to all the hustle and bustle of life. From the day they are born they begin to be socialized with people.
Puppies are usually ready to go to their new homes at 8-10 weeks old. Until puppies are several weeks old, we are unable to tell if they will be offered as Pet or Show puppies. We are striving to produce Boxers that are good examples of the Boxer breed, and that will excel in AKC, UKC and Performance shows. However in each litter we may have Pet quality puppies.  Puppies who go to pet homes go on limited AKC registration and with a spay/neuter contract. Puppies who go to show homes will go on full AKC registration and on a show contract with co-owner ship. If you are new to showing don't hesitate to inquire on our show puppies! It is tons of fun, and we are here to help you get started. But be warned, it's addictive! All puppies have a health guarantee and if at any time you can no longer keep your puppy, rest assured they can come back to us at no charge and you will NOT GET refund in part or as a whole.Also if our contract is broke in anyway in part or as a whole your puppy will come back to us free of charge.

Before you start the process to get on our waiting list you should be aware of the following:

If you are prepared to spend several hundred or Thousands of dollars for a purebred Boxer, you should get the best puppy for your money. You may think that your boxer is just going to be a pet, not a show dog. That is even more reason for her/him to come from a reputable breeder who is concerned about healthy bloodlines and good socialization. A boxer who is going to be a family companion should come from the healthiest most temperamentally sound stock available.
* We do ship our puppies if needed. Shipping cost will vary depending on your location and the age of the puppy or teen, but normally it is around $350 to $450.

* Special consideration will be given to those who wish to work their boxers. This includes conformation shows, Obedience , Rally, Herding , Search and Rescue or Therapy. If you would like information on how to get involved in working your puppy we would be more than happy to assist you.  
Our Guideline's:
-We welcome genuine interest in our dogs. We will not respond to one liner/”how much” inquiries.
-We only place puppies in homes that I have had adequate time to get to know You.
-We reserve the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable.
-Registered Names Must Have  Picture Perfect Boxers in it. Kennel names can be added for show prospects
-Companion puppies are placed on an adult spay/neuter agreement. If any part of our contract is broken in anyway the puppy must be returned to Picture Perfect Boxers at no charge to Us.  We do not take personal checks from anyone!  And fill out a Puppy Application After you have contacted us about a puppy. You will find our puppy Application  on our contracts page.

"Emails without phone numbers and a puppy applications will not be answered. If a puppy is available it will appear by their name as well as what sort of home we want to place them(Show or Pet, etc). Again Let it be known IF ANY PART OF MY CONTRACT IS BROKEN, THE PUPPY WILL BE RETURNED TO PICTURE BOXERS AT NO CHARGE TO PICTURE PERFECT BOXERS And NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. Only responsible owners or breeders will be considered.


Check out our Testimonial page

If possible Familiarize yourself with our contract before contacting us and other pages as well to prevent misunderstandings.
We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone! To be put on a waiting list for a show or pet puppy a deposit must be placed . The past years we have applied a waiting list but ONLY for people who pay a deposit or in full for a puppy.
We do not normally do ear crops on puppies. No ear crops will be done unless you are a prior client or you have experience taping ears.

                               Please  fill out a puppy application. Thank You                     

Ask yourself do I want quality or a deal. You get what you pay for. Unless otherwise noted, items sold by PicturePerfectBoxers.com are subject to sales tax in select states in accordance with the applicable laws of  the state of Missouri.Our small facility is licensed and inspected by the state of  Missouri.                     



                                                           CONSIDERING A BOXER FOR YOUR FAMILY?                                                                                  

Our Boxers  Preserving the purebred Boxer bloodline and ensuring the highest quality dogs.
Several generations of AKC Champions are represented in each of our Boxers' lineage.


Notice All Missouri Residents must pay Sales Tax 9.7 percent

No   need to contact Us about up coming litters you can find them in Planed Breeding's At this time we have nothing planned                                  

Please do not contact me unless ever person in the house hold is in agreement on taking one of our boxer babies .There will be    no more waiting list unless a deposit is made on up coming breeding's !!!!!!!!!  Any email ask the price of a puppy or them with out filling out a puppy application will be deleted. If you can not afford one of our puppies you can not take the care of it that it is use to and if you have to ask the price before filling out a puppy application your are just fishing will fish somewhere else .


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