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***Our goals***

We Do our best to show and produce Champion American and European bloodline Boxers of exceptional quality who excel in the conformation ring as well as having great temperaments and sound health. We will do our absolute best to produce healthy, happy, and sound puppies that possess outstanding conformation to the boxer standard. I will be very selective in my breeding practices to insure that these goals are met. I will health test before breeding. I will provide the mother and newborns with the very best care, nutrition, love and socialization possible. I will be extremely selective where I place each of my puppies.

Welcome to Picture Perfect Boxers. We started out as T and L Boxers and bulldogs. The initials T and L are Billy and my last name. During the days of T and L we bred Boxers and English Bulldogs. Our son Corbin was born in 2008, and we decided to change our kennel name from T and L to ABC Boxer so that our sonís first initial could be included So he would be a part of what his father and I love. In 2010, our daughter Ariel was born! We decided that changing our kennel name to ABCA to include our daughter was not practical. So we renamed our kennel after our first show boxer: Kodak. Thomas Wish N Well Picture Perfect. Kodak was picture perfect! So to honor him, Picture Perfect Boxers became our new kennel name. Unfortunately, Kodak was injured before we were able to show him. We had another show boy before Kodak , Donje's Wanna Talk About Me AKA Andy sired by Ch Donje's Lucky Charm of Blue Moon he was returned to the breeder because of a bad heart and the dan he was out of the DNA did not match her Dna did match the sire Lucky. We stop breeding bulldogs as well because Bulldogs are not made for children. So we decided to breed and exhibit the breed we love so dearly, the American and European boxer. We are a small show kennel located in South East MO, just off Hwy M in Park Hills Mo. on 4 acres. The 4 acres gives our boxers opportunity to run and play. Our boxers are a huge part of our family in which they are raised in our home.

Billy's love for boxers began when he was a young child. His family raised boxers Billy's father started Dupart Kennels , and he forever fell in love with the breed. Watching his parentís show their beautiful proud boxers gave him the inspiration to pursue that dream for himself,My love for the boxer came when I met Billy in New York when I was 16 a junior in college at John Jay I was at a dog show and met Billy fell in love with him and the boxer breed . We believe in showing our dogs in Conformation to ensure that they closely represent the blueprint, or standards by which the boxer breed is maintained. Our puppies are raised with plenty of socialization from birth and at times, downright spoiled, until their forever home humans can take over. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If we don't have something you are looking for, we would be happy to point you in the right direction!

The view of a serious breeder is to always produce dogs that exemplify the breed standard. Each breeding is carefully planned to be sure we are helping to create the best boxers that we can not only for the show ring but for each family that they become a part of. Our puppies are all raised in our home and with our children. They learn all the sounds and experiences of everyday life in a home from the begining! We want every puppy that leaves our house to be ready for the life that they are going into. Our breeding allows us to continue the perfect boxer temperament with the stunning confirmation and presence that the boxer is known for. By doing our part I feel we have a wonderful opportunity to give back just a little of what they give to us every day.

Our goal is to breed healthy Boxers and to better the breed. We stand behind our breeding program and health test all the dogs used in our breeding program.
Our dogs are from some of the top lines in the country. We do not breed often as our goal is to campaign the dogs from our breeding program. We are selective in the placement of our show stock and our dogs that are not placed in show homes will always be sold on a spay / neuter contract.If you think you can make money by breeding think again if done right you will loss money,we breed for the love of the breed not for money pr profit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Boxers have become a very influential part of our lives. It is exciting to think that we could possibility be a major contributor to the breed for years to come. We are very blessed to be working with some of the very best veteran breeders and professional handlers in the breed; breeders and handlers that have contributed so much to the breed over the years. If you would like to contact us for any reason, please feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. When it comes to our boxers and the breed, we always welcome conversation. Please take the time to view our entire website, we have the energy and desire to make our presence known in the boxer world for years to come.
Please tell me upfront if you are interested in PET, BREEDER & SHOW....
Thank You

  • There is no such thing as a BLACK BOXER, at least according to AKC.  There is also absolutely no mention of a "sealed brindle" or black as an option in the AKC standard for boxers.  Any boxer breeder that has anything in their breeding stock or for sale that they call "black" should be considered a scammer and is not to be dealt with.  If you look at these "black boxers", you can tell at a glance that they have had another breed introduced somewhere in the pedigree to make them all black, because they never have a nice boxer head.
  • We are professional boxer breeders, and have been so for 14 years.  We do not do this part-time, or as a hobby.  We do not have other jobs outside the home.  We live and breathe dogs.  Our dedication to this profession and this breed is second to none.
We have 2 European Bred Boxer Available to a breeding home One male and one female We going to just breed American Bloodlines Nothing wrong with the dogs both are very sweet and 100 percent house broken

All our Boxers are either Champions or champion sired, or have multiple champions in their pedigree, Our Boxers are hand pick for their exceptional disposition and conformation, we breed to produce champions and family pets for loving homes.


*Please review the terms & acronyms to further understand the position achieved*
Home Of

AKC CH Florentine's Seeking Justice @ Picture Perfect CGC

Picture Below Wyatt's Sire

By Rummer Run's Tug Of War SOM x CH Carillon's Grand Monet 2011 ABC Winners Bitch

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European Boxer Puppies / German Boxer Puppies For Sale.
Breeders of European & American Top Quality Boxer Puppies.

Placing Outstanding Boxer Puppies in the US & Canada





"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -a desire, a dream, a vision."Muhammad Ali - American Boxer

"If you don't want to be greeted by wet muddy paws and a wiggle butt then STAY AWAY because my Boxers Live here. If you don't love a slobbery kiss than STAY AWAY because my Boxers live here. If you don't like falling over toys, stepping in water and being covered in hair than STAY AWAY because my Boxers Live here. If you believe a home should always be spotless and smelling good than STAY AWAY because my Boxers live here. And if you think you will get mad at me STAY AWAY because my Boxers live here. But if you are a good person and nothing of the above bothers you and you would like to be instantly loved come in because my Boxers live here."


You Got a Friend in Me

Wise men say... only fools rush in...
But how can you do anything but fall in love
with the heart of a boxer.
After 40 some years of sharing my life with boxers
I'm still amazed by a breed that gives you all its heart...
A Heart for living,
A Heart for loyalty,
A Heart full of unconditional love,


We strive for healthy Boxers with sound temperaments. By combining strength as well as elegance we hope to exemplify the Breed Standard. Breeders are the guardians of the breed they cherish. They ensure that it lives on for generations to come. If breeders are not protective, it will be destroyed and only a shadow of what we love will exist.

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Boxer Puppies For Sale In Missouri
We bred Flashy Fawn Boxer Puppy's Dark Reverse Brindle Boxer Puppies and Red Fawn and Red Brindle Boxer Puppies

"Emails without phone numbers and a puppy applications will not be answered. If a puppy is available it will appear by their name as well as what sort of home I wand to place them(Show or Pet, etc) .Let it be known IF ANY PART OF MY CONTRACT IS BROKEN, THE PUPPY WILL BE RETURNED TO PICTURE BOXERS AT NO CHARGE TO PICTURE PERFECT BOXERS. Only responsible owners or breeders will be considered.


We have Carlillon Boxers. HO-PA Boxers . Rummer Run Boxers ,Turo Kennels ,Oak Knoll Boxers , Listion Boxers, Cherkerlís Boxer, Dreamweaver Boxer, ,Rochil Boxers, Sharledar's Boxers. Bear Cat Boxers, and BackWoods Boxers and in our Boxers Bloodlines just to name a few of the top bloodlines we have in our pedigrees.

We Love our White Boxers!

*We do require a puppy application to be completed for every puppy and a signed contract before each puppy leaves our property.

We are on the preferred breeder list at Webster Groverís Vet Clinicís and Kennel Wood Pet Resorts as well.

If you are interested in getting a puppy please contact us so We can put your name on a waiting list.

Puppies are chosen by their new owners in the order of when a deposit is made.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Notice, only complete a questionnaire if you have seen a puppy you would
like to adopted, or want to place a deposit on an upcoming litter.
If you are just browsing, and have questions, please email us via our contact page.


We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone!We also Reserve the right sell to anyone in the state of Illinois.

Picture Perfect Boxers is a Registered & Protected Kennel Name with the AKC. All photos and contents of this sight are property of Picture Perfect Boxers and may not be copied without permission of the owner. Thank You

We are top Boxer Breeders in Missouri we are also
License by the state of Missouri



Location Name:......Picture Perfect Boxers

Park Hills Mo
A = American Champion B = Bermudan Champion
C = Canadian Champion M = Mexican Champion
ICH = International Champion (Champion in more than three countries)

Notice we have change our contracts because we sold to a couple of puppy mills on our last litter that didn't tell us they were high volume breeders we do not sell to puppy mills or pet stores

Our "boys" offer the ladies:

Boxer Breeders of Fawn and Dark Brindle Boxers for Show and pets.
* Correct Boxer head and mouth * Substance
* Powerful correct movement * Deep color * Black haws
* Good top lines with high tail set * Line bred pedigrees containing many producers.

ďWe believe in the principles of improving the Boxer breed through health testing and compassion. With animal and human interaction the breed thrivesÖ

and there lies the framework for Picture Perfect Boxers"

We believe that a Boxer should be a friend and companion first, and a show and performance dog second. All of our Boxers are raised in our home, and are truly members of our family. Our goal is to breed Boxers of sound temperament and good health, combining substance and style to exemplify the Breed Standard.


We offer puppies and older dogs, stud service,  We are also available for consultation on showing, training and breeding issues.


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